Dennis Kelly – Senior Consultant

Dennis Kelly brings a wealth of experience to Legionella Control Internationals specialist risk management and compliance advisory team. Mr Kelly is a leading water treatment professional who has over 25 years experience in dealing with all aspects of legionella related issues in industrial and institutional market places in many countries across the globe.

Mr Kelly, a graduate of the University of Glasgow, is a Chartered Biologist who has held a number of senior management and operational roles for some of the world’s largest water treatment and environmental hygiene companies. He is a member of the Institute of Biology and also of the UK’s water Management Society.

For a number of years Mr Kelly had responsibility for the European water hygiene operation of the world’s largest water treatment company. This role covered the operation of legionella specialists in various countries including the UK, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy as well as technically supporting operations in Turkey, Poland, the Middle East and the USA.

Mr Kelly’s expertise has been utilised over the years in a number of Legionnaires’ disease outbreak situations where he has advised both supplier companies and also end users in the best technical approaches to address and resolve legionella issues. This advisory work has involved working directly with supplier and customer personnel, including training and coaching individuals and groups on how to best resolve difficult legionella colonisation issues. In addition, Mr Kelly has advised on the formulation of treatment strategies to help organisations and companies meet the legislative requirements, and also reduce the risk posed by the legionella organism.

Mr Kelly has advised many companies and organisations including government institutions, healthcare premises, food and beverage companies, facility management companies, manufacturers and commercial organisations. This role has included not only advising on steps that were needed to resolve legionella situations, but also involved dealing directly with the authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive, environmental health officers and local health authorities on behalf of end user customers and supplier companies.

In addition Mr Kelly has delivered legionella training to many organisations in the UK and overseas, including both suppliers and end users. These have included water treatment companies, government premises, health care authorities, water treatment industry groups and facility management companies.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Supporting clients in outbreak situations to assist in defining possible causes and identifying the correct technical solutions.

Expert advice on the controls and steps needed to reduce the risk from the Legionella bacterium.

Remedial steps that should be taken in the event of an outbreak or with a persistently or heavily colonised systems.

Delivering legionella based training to all levels of customer end user employees.

Defining treatment and monitoring regimes necessary to ensure clients meet their legal obligations with regard to legionella.

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