Luke Russell – Legionella Consultant

Luke Russell is a consultant with Legionella Control International delivering a range of specialist services including legionella and water safety risk assessments, independent auditing, consultancy services and legionella training.

Luke has experience operating in the legionella control, water hygiene and industrial water treatment sectors. He has experience in key account management, health and safety training, legionella and water safety risk assessments and water hygiene engineering. He has worked on a wide range of contracts involving hospitals and healthcare premises, social housing, multinational hotel chains; and industrial, offices and other commercial facilities throughout the UK.

Luke has experience in delivering legionella and other water safety related risk management solutions, he regularly presents City & Guilds accredited training courses at all levels, and provides consultancy and advisory services to clients.

Luke has undertaken accredited water hygiene and management training that includes City & Guilds, the Water Management Society, Ofqual and Pro Qual training. Luke is able to advise on the current legislation regarding the control of legionella in water systems including the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8, HSG274, BS 8580 and the Department of Health’s HTM 04-01.

Specific Areas of Expertise

    • Carrying out detailed legionella risk assessments of water systems including hot and cold, cooling systems and other systems.
    • Delivering specialist training courses covering legionella and other waterborne pathogens, at awareness intermediate and advanced levels.
    • Development of legionella risk management programmes, through to final report stage, client presentation and project implementation.
    • The development and delivery of professional health and safety, engineering and Legionella training.
    • Specialist advice concerning the development of strategic environmental risk management plans dealing with health and safety risks associated with Legionellosis and other waterborne pathogens.
    • Working closely with clients building an extensive rapport to ensure their Health & Safety compliance obligations are fulfilled.

Key Skills

    • Excellent interpersonal skills working with a positive attitude in all situations.
    • Communication skills including presentations, training and marketing communication.
    • Strong knowledge of all aspects of industrial and commercial water hygiene and specifically trained and competent in legionella compliance.
    • Competent in process improvement, problem definition and resolution.
    • English first language.

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