Richard Berry - Senior Consultant

Richard Berry is an experienced professional water treatment and environmental hygiene specialist who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Legionella Control International. He is a trained chemist and has over 35 years experience from the international water treatment; water and environmental hygiene sectors.

Throughout his career Mr Berry has held a range of senior management and operational positions within several of the world’s largest water treatment, chemical and environmental hygiene organisations including Univar, Nalco and Houseman Water Treatment.

Mr Berry’s areas of expertise encompass training, project management and specialist consultancy in all aspects of health and safety with regard to the control of legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens in engineered water and air systems.

Specific Areas of Expertise

The development and delivery of professional health and safety, water treatment, engineering and legionella training courses at all levels.

Advising on organisational compliance issues associated with the Health & Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice L8 - “Legionnaires’ disease - The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems” and HSG274 guidance documents.

Specialist advice concerning the development of strategic environmental risk management plans dealing with health and safety risks associated with Legionellosis and other waterborne pathogens in industrial and commercial water systems.

The development and implementation of operational health and safety risk management programmes.

Project management expertise associated with the implementation and co-ordination of small, medium and large scale legionella risk assessment programmes, through to final report stage, client presentation and project implementation.

Expert advice concerning the control and management of micro-organisms including legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens in industrial and commercial water systems.

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