Rapid Legionella Test Kit for Improved Control

rapid legionella test kitLegionella testing is essential in all kinds of situations where the bacteria may be present. However, testing a water sample is only the beginning. The sooner you find out whether Legionella bacteria is present in your water systems, the sooner you can take appropriate action to deal with it if it is.

Legionella testing with LegionellaFast: get accurate results, fast

Many people assume the Legionella testing process has to be arduous, complex and requiring a laboratory in order to gain accurate results. Not so with LegionellaFast.

Legionella Control Internationals LegionellaFast uses state-of-the-art analysis technology to create the quickest Legionella testing kit available today, saving you valuable time and preventing the worry of not knowing whether you have Legionella bacteria present in any body of water.

The Legionella test kit has been designed to ensure there is no need for laboratory testing in order to get accurate results. The whole testing process has been refined so you can easily understand what needs to be done, and perform an accurate Legionella test yourself every single time one is required.

Furthermore, you will only have 25 minutes to wait before you get the answer you need. The straightforward YES-NO result is easy for you to check and confirm.

How can LegionellaFast benefit your business or role?

There may be several reasons why you need access to reliable and accurate Legionella testing kits. You may be the responsible person at a location for checking the presence of Legionella bacteria as part of your job role.

You may be a hotel operator concerned that the water systems in a hotel room may be contaminated with Legionella and want to carry out a rapid test to determine your next course of action.

On the other hand, you may own a business that sells spa pools and water features, which must be tested on a regular basis.

Regardless of the water source you need to test, LegionellaFast can deliver reliable Legionella test results every time with the minimum of fuss.

Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1

Being able to test quickly and get results just as quickly will improve your risk management techniques too. This in-the-field test has actually been verified as more accurate than a laboratory test for Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1. You can build the kit into your Legionella risk assessment processes and have it ready whenever required.

Easy to understand YES : NO results

You’ll also have no doubt about your ability to perform the test correctly. A test that shows positive for Legionella bacteria will display a red line.

Every test also has a built-in control line. This will turn red too if the test has been done in the proper manner.

If it doesn’t, you know the test should be performed again to ensure you have the correct result.

With so many advantages to using LegionellaFast, it makes good sense to have a kit close at hand for when you next need to test a water sample.

Expert legionella testing & water safety assistance

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