Professional Legionella Testing, Monitoring & Compliance Tools

Legionella Testing, Monitoring and Compliance ToolsIf you are responsible for monitoring, managing and controlling the presence of Legionella at your business or place of work, it is vital to make sure you have the right training, sufficient budget and compliance tools at your disposal. This will ensure the Legionella testing, monitoring and compliance tasks you must perform are as efficient and effective as possible.

Rapid Legionella test kit

A good example of a worthwhile kit to have in your armoury of compliance tools is our rapid Legionella testing kit (LegionellaFast), which can be used ‘in the field’. The kit has been designed to be very accurate, easy to use, with clear yes-no results delivered in just 25 minutes. More on our Legionella test kit, LegionellaSafe … here >>

Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8

Achieving compliance with the law, including the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8, is vital in order to minimise the potential risks associated with Legionella bacteria and so protect the health and safety of employees and others.

Compliance is made easier to achieve if you use our compliance monitoring equipment and Legionella kits. Our test kits and equipment have been designed to make life easier for those who are directly responsible for controlling the risks associated with their water systems.

Other Legionella testing kits, meters and equipment

Legionella Control International also provide a range of other test kits for use in helping control and manage Legionella bacteria. For example, when water systems have to be cleaned, chlorinated and disinfected, it helps if you have a professional test kit close at hand to allow you to carefully manage each water system cleaning, chlorination and disinfection procedure to ensure optimum results are achieved. We do – our professional Chlorination Test Kit with further details … here >>

You can also add Legionella thermometers and water temperature meters to your order. These make it easy to check the temperature of any water system. If the temperature is not within the required limits, you will know instantly and be able to take steps to change things. More on our Legionella thermometers … here >>

Dip slides and incubators

We also provide a range of dip slides and incubators. Our dip slides are specifically designed to ensure levels of hygiene and the presence of bacteria can be checked quickly and effectively. When used in conjunction with our incubators, these slides are easy and convenient to use, providing results in a short time.

More on our dip slides … here >>

More on our dip slide incubators ... here >>

Selecting the right elements to help you with Legionella testing, monitoring and compliance

There is a lot to be said for taking a training course that can help you understand what is required of you by law if you are the duty holder or responsible person with regard to Legionella control. However, it is also wise to have the right equipment to hand – equipment and testing kits that will help you make the entire compliance process very straightforward indeed.

Being able to rely on expert Legionella testing kits is a good thing. It will make your life easier, and give you confidence in knowing you’ve covered all the bases.

Professional Legionella testing kits, compliance tools and risk management support

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