How Often Should I Review My Legionella Risk Assessment?

How often review legionella risk assessment?In the United Kingdom many business owners, company directors and managers, Duty Holders and those appointed as the Responsible Person for the control of legionella want to know how often they should update or at least review their legionella risk assessment, if at all.

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When to review or update your legionella risk assessment

The UK’s Health & Safety Executive, in their Approved Code of Practice ACOP L8 which deals with Legionnaires’ disease and the control of Legionella bacteria, cover this issue but don’t give a specific frequency for the risk assessment review. However, they make it clear that it is important to periodically review its accuracy just in case things change.

Changes that may require a review of the assessment

The HSE recommend that the legionella assessment be used as a working document, they actually refer to it as a "living document”, meaning that it should be reviewed regularly, especially when it is suspected that the assessment may no longer be valid. Situations where this may occur include:

  • When there are changes to the water system or how it is used
  • When there are changes to the use of the building
  • When new legionella risk management techniques or control measures become available
  • If the test results for the facility indicate the current control measures are not effective
  • When there are changes to key personnel – Duty Holder, Responsible Person etc.
  • When the water system is identified in a case of Legionnaires’ disease

In summary

While there is no specified frequency for the review of a legionella risk assessment, in practice we would typically recommend that it be reviewed at least every two years or sooner if any of the conditions listed above occur. If you are in any doubt or need further guidance please call us on 0161 877 0586.

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For additional information about the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8 dealing with Legionnaires’ disease and the control of legionella bacteria in water systems … here

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