Legionella disinfection methods

Methods for Achieving Legionella Disinfection

Here, the water safety experts at Legionella Control International briefly examine how seven specific methods can be useful in helping to prevent Legionella bacteria from contaminating man-made water systems and causing illness in humans.
What to do when legionella found in hospitals

What to Do When Legionella is Found in Hospitals?

In this article the legionella and water safety experts at Legionella Control International look at what to do when legionella is discovered in a hospital or healthcare setting. It looks at the role of Public Health England, Health Protection Teams and the hospital Water Safety Group and considers the key responsibilities. It looks at when the Health Protection Team needs to be notified of any leg
Understanding legionella cultures

Understanding Legionella Cultures Through Testing

Even though we often speak of Legionella bacteria as one species, there are in fact dozens of variations. Some 58 species of the bacteria have thus far been identified, many of which can cause disease and illness in humans. Only by taking water samples to test, then isolate any Legionella bacteria in them can we work out which member of the family we are faced with.
How Many Legionella Species Exist?

How Many Legionella Species Exist & Which Ones are Dangerous?

While there are more than 50 different recognised Legionella species, less than half of those can cause illness in humans. However, while around 20 species are known to be harmful to us, just one has been identified as the cause of most outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease. Learn more ...
Practical Guide to Controlling Legionella in Water Systems

Practical Guide to Controlling Legionella in Water Systems

One could be forgiven for becoming overwhelmed at the number of tasks required to control the levels of Legionella bacteria in a water system. However, there are some essential steps that should make it easier to ensure you cover all the salient points when assessing and controlling legionella risks in your own water systems.
Do Ice Machines Spread Legionnaires Disease?

Do Ice Machines Spread Legionnaires Disease?

Ice machines and chilled water dispensers are becoming increasingly popular both at home and in the workplace where they are used for a variety of purposes. At first glance, the freezing water temperatures used to create ice would suggest that opportunities for bacterial growth would be very limited and so the risks to people using them insignificant. However, this may not always be the case ...
Controlling Legionella in Paper Mill Water Systems

Controlling Legionella in Paper Mills

Pulp and paper mills incorporate many processes that use water as part of their operation and this can increase the risks associated with Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ disease. Here we review guidance issued by PABIAC, supported by the Health & Safety Executive, dealing with the control of Legionella and other bioaerosols in paper mill water systems.
Is your Legionella Control Plan Failing to Protect People?

Is your Legionella Control Plan Failing to Protect?

In the UK every business operating a water system must, by law, assess the risks and then put in to place and maintain suitable safety measures to protect their employees and others from the potential risks caused by legionella and Legionnaires’ disease.