Legionella risk assessor for London & South East

Legionella Risk Assessor for London & South East

This full-time role will involve the delivery of specialist legionella risk assessments, training, consultancy and risk management advice to clients. The role is primarily home based covering London and the South East of England although the job may also require travel throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.
Do Ice Machines Spread Legionnaires Disease?

Do Ice Machines Spread Legionnaires Disease?

Ice machines and chilled water dispensers are becoming increasingly popular both at home and in the workplace where they are used for a variety of purposes. At first glance, the freezing water temperatures used to create ice would suggest that opportunities for bacterial growth would be very limited and so the risks to people using them insignificant. However, this may not always be the case ...
Reduce legionella risk in hospitals and healthcare

Reducing Risks of Legionnaires Disease in US Hospitals

In June 2017, a memorandum was issued by the USA’s Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, and Survey and Certification Group (CMS), concerning the requirement to reduce the risk of legionella spreading through water systems in US hospitals and healthcare facilities (memo reference S&C 17-30).
legionnaires disease outbreaks 2017

Legionnaires Disease Outbreaks 2017

Several notable outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease occurred throughout 2017. Portugal, USA (New York and California), UAE and Spain were among the areas affected. The incident in Dubai, UAE was by far the most serious of these outbreaks.
New York State enforce cooling tower regulations

New York State Enforce Cooling Tower Regulations to Control Legionella

Many safety regulations affecting all areas of society come into force because of events that demonstrate a lack of control and lead to a danger to public health. A case in point is the South Bronx, USA outbreak of legionellosis in 2015 – an outbreak that was found to have been caused by a cooling tower. These towers were not subjected to regulation prior to the outbreak, but in July 2016, the N
S&C 17-30 Medicare / Medicaid legionella memo

S&C 17-30 Medicare & Medicaid Legionella Memo

The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently issued an S&C 17-30 Medicare/Medicaid Legionella Requirement memo regarding the control and prevention of Legionnaires’ disease in certified health facilities.
Water Management Program to Control Legionella

Creating a Water Management Program to Control Legionella

US regulators are increasingly spotlighting the risks posed by legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ disease following several high profile outbreaks there. As a result, many US based businesses will need to create a dedicated water management program to control the risks from legionella within their buildings in order to protect their workers and others from harm.
Can ASHRAE 188 Prevent Legionella?

Can ASHRAE 188 Prevent Legionella?

If you work in the USA and have responsibility for a building or other facility that uses water, this recently updated water management standard will help you work out whether that building should have a water management program in place.