How to Control Legionella in Evaporative Cooling Systems

How to Control Legionella in Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our water safety specialists look at the control of legionella in evaporative cooling systems. Using inspection data taken from the one of the UK’s primary health protection agencies our experts review the report’s findings to discover that nearly one third of all sites inspected were found to be non-compliant on health and safety grounds, with a number of recurring themes evident.
What is a legionella certificate?

What is a Legionella Certificate?

If you have been researching the legal requirements of landlords and property owners regarding the control of legionella and Legionnaires’ disease, you may have encountered information about legionella certificates. There appears to be some confusion over what these are and whether they are actually required.
Legionella Risks Forced Wolverhampton Hotel to Close

Legionella Risks Forced Hotel to Close

Most hotels do a sterling job of adhering to all health and safety laws, including those relating to the management of their water systems. Legionella bacteria are a very real threat to human health when not kept under control. Owners and operators of premises including hotels and spas, hospitals, care homes and other public areas must do everything possible to maintain and treat their water syste

Legionella Training Courses 2019

Legionella Control International announce the latest line-up of public courses for 2019 to be held across the UK and Ireland. The courses cover Legionella Awareness, Regulatory Compliance & Control, the Role of the Responsible Person and Duty Holder, Practical Monitoring & Maintenance Tasks, Pseudomonas in Healthcare Environments and Legionella Refresher training.
Legionella disinfection methods

Methods for Achieving Legionella Disinfection

Here, the water safety experts at Legionella Control International briefly examine how seven specific methods can be useful in helping to prevent Legionella bacteria from contaminating man-made water systems and causing illness in humans.
What to do when legionella found in hospitals

What to Do When Legionella is Found in Hospitals?

In this article the legionella and water safety experts at Legionella Control International look at what to do when legionella is discovered in a hospital or healthcare setting. It looks at the role of Public Health England, Health Protection Teams and the hospital Water Safety Group and considers the key responsibilities. It looks at when the Health Protection Team needs to be notified of any leg
Understanding legionella cultures

Understanding Legionella Cultures Through Testing

Even though we often speak of Legionella bacteria as one species, there are in fact dozens of variations. Some 58 species of the bacteria have thus far been identified, many of which can cause disease and illness in humans. Only by taking water samples to test, then isolate any Legionella bacteria in them can we work out which member of the family we are faced with.
Legionella risk assessor for London & South East

Legionella Risk Assessor for London & South East

This full-time role will involve the delivery of specialist legionella risk assessments, training, consultancy and risk management advice to clients. The role is primarily home based covering London and the South East of England although the job may also require travel throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.