Procurement Management Process Support for Water Treatment & Legionella Control

The competitive tendering and procurement of specialist water treatment, legionella control, building and engineering works can be challenging for any organisation, even more so when it involves complex building services installations and remedial works associated with water quality standards and the control of legionella in water systems. Legionella Control Internationals experienced procurement management process team offer expert and impartial advice to organisations at all stages of the tender, procurement and contract delivery life cycle for water treatment, water hygiene and legionella control related works including specification and contract development, supplier selection, tender evaluation and negotiation, contract management and completion.

Legionella Control & Water Treatment Contract Management

Procurement management for water treatment & legionella controlOur expert competitive tender and procurement management support services focus on construction, engineering and maintenance contracts involving water treatment, water hygiene and works required as part of a legionella control and regulatory compliance programme to the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8 and HSG274.

Our expertise is built on an in-depth knowledge of the processes required for the successful implementation and delivery of water treatment and legionella compliance contracts. Our tender, procurement and contract management specialists seek to improve project delivery, cost certainty and quality standards, optimise value-for-money and mitigate client contract risk.

Tender & Procurement Management Process Support

Our expert and impartial procurement management services for water treatment contracts deliver significant organisational benefits and include:

  • Preparation of detailed tender documentation and technical specifications involving works for water treatment, water hygiene and the control of legionella in water systems.
  • Pre-tender contractor selection and evaluation.
  • Tender submission evaluation.
  • Tender negotiations.
  • Final supplier selection.
  • Specification compliance and quality audits during the works to ensure KPIs are achieved.
  • Contract completion assessments and support.
  • Final procurement management and contractor performance review and evaluation.

Expert Procurement Assistance for Water Treatment Contracts

For further information regarding our water treatment contract tender and procurement management process services please call +44 (0) 330 223 36 86 to speak to one of our specialists or contact us with your questions here.