John Dobson – Director

John Dobson is a director of Legionella Control International and brings a wealth of senior management and international experience to this important role. He has a Degree in Chemistry and over 30 years experience from the international water treatment, water and environmental hygiene sectors.

Mr Dobson began his career in an analytical laboratory and soon progressed up the management ladder to become the technical production manager of a major chemical manufacturing plant in the UK. His responsibilities included product development for emerging markets and innovations.

In 1980 Mr Dobson joined and later became managing director of Houseman Limited, a leading UK based, international water treatment service company offering water treatment and associated environmental hygiene services to global markets.

Houseman Limited later became part of the Ondeo-Nalco Group (now Nalco), a large multi-national organisation where he held several senior management roles within both the French and American companies, working internationally on a range of business projects and international opportunities.

Mr Dobson is also heavily involved in the promotion of continuing professional development activities and has personally undertaken specialist management training courses at Henley Management College and Oxford University

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