Can Car Washes Cause Legionnaires Disease?

Can Car Washes Spread Legionnaires Disease?

For many of us, washing our car is a job to be done on the weekends. Many people wash theirs by hand using hoses, buckets, and sponges on their driveways and outside their homes. Others go to an automatic car wash to take the hard work out of the task... but are we safe?
Central London courses from Legionella Control

London Training Courses for Legionella Awareness & Responsible Person

From our conveniently located training centre in central London students can develop the skills and competence to meet their legionella management responsibilities with confidence. Each of our courses has been developed to satisfy the requirements of the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8, HSG274 and Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards in this important area of safety management.
Reduce legionella risk in hospitals and healthcare

Reducing Risks of Legionnaires Disease in US Hospitals

In June 2017, a memorandum was issued by the USA’s Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, and Survey and Certification Group (CMS), concerning the requirement to reduce the risk of legionella spreading through water systems in US hospitals and healthcare facilities (memo reference S&C 17-30).
Huge Fine for Car Parts Manufacturer after Legionnaires’ Outbreak

Huge Fine for Car Parts Manufacturer after Legionnaires’ Outbreak

A UK car parts manufacturer based in South Tyneside has received a seven-figure fine following two major incidents at the plant inside a 12-month period. The Health and Safety Executive conducted an investigation into the company following an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease and an explosion that occurred within the same period.
Chlorine dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide: The Perfect Way to Control Legionella Bacteria

Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are two popular, but very different chemicals that are commonly used to treat water against lots of different bugs including legionella and other potentially dangerous bacteria. Both have their advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems.