Legionella Risk Assessment Training & Management Control – LC2

Legionella risk assessment training for management and control procedures – training module LC2 is the second of our compulsory online legionella training courses and forms an essential part of our online legionella training programme. The course builds on the issues covered in module LC1 and provides specific information and guidance on the important areas of legionella risk assessment and management control procedures.

There are five key elements which together should form the basis of the legionellosis risk management policy for any industrial, commercial or institutional facility and they are:

  1. Identify and assess the risk.
  2. Appoint a responsible person to manage the risk.
  3. Prepare a written scheme of precautionary measures for controlling the risk of legionellosis.
  4. Implement and manage the precautionary measures.
  5. Record and review the precautionary measures.

Legionella Risk Assessment, Management & Control Procedures

This training module considers each of the elements listed above in detail. Specific subjects covered in the module include:

  • Legionella risk assessment.
  • Cooling tower risks.
  • Hot and cold water services risks.
  • The legionellosis risk model.
  • The responsibilities of management in managing risk.
  • Written schemes of control measures.
  • Record keeping.
  • Lessons from an outbreak.

Examination Details

This training module concludes with a multiple choice style examination comprising 2 sections, each section containing 10 questions selected from the course material (total question count is 20).

The duration of the examination is 40 minutes and the pass threshold is 70%.

3 examination attempts are allowed.

Course Pricing

Training package – modules LC1, LC2 & LC3 – 1 user licence = £199*

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