AS/NZS 3666 Part 2 – Legionella Control Australia

AS/NZS 3666 - Legionella Control Australia

Air-Handling and Water Systems of Buildings – Microbial Control – Operation and Maintenance

AS/NZS 3666 Part 2 – The Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3666 Part 2 is concerned with microbial control issues associated with air handling and water systems in commercial buildings.

AS/NZS 3666 Part 2 identifies the minimum requirements for the operation and maintenance of such building systems.

Although originally developed for commercial building services systems AS/NZS 3666 Part 2 can also be applied to other commercial or industrial air handling and water systems, and to domestic systems incorporating cooling water equipment.

Operational and maintenance requirements

Whilst AS/NZS 3666 Part 2 identifies the minimum operational and maintenance requirements associated with the control of microbial growth in air handling and water systems of commercial buildings; design, installation and commissioning issues are dealt with in AS/NZS 3666 Part 1.

For additional information concerning the control of microbial growth in air handling and water systems of commercial buildings, HB 32 should be consulted.

Contents of AS/NZS 3666 Part 2 include:



Section 1 Scope and General

1.1 Scope

1.2 Objective

1.3 Application

1.4 Referenced Documents

1.5 Definitions

1.5.1 Disinfection
1.5.2 Emergency decontamination
1.5.3 Maintenance
1.5.4 Maintenance program
1.5.5 Maintenance report

Section 2 Operation and Maintenance

2.1 Scope

2.2 General

2.2.1 Servicing
2.2.2 Precautions when using and storing chemicals
2.2.3 Access for maintenance
2.2.4 Provision for maintenance

2.3 Maintenance of Air-Handling Systems

2.3.1 Air intakes and exhaust outlets
2.3.2 Air filters
2.3.3 Humidifiers
2.3.4 Evaporative air-cooling equipment
2.3.5 Ducts and components

2.4 Maintenance of Heated Water Systems

2.4.1 Water treatment units
2.4.2 Water storage tanks
2.4.3 Hot water systems
2.4.4 Warm water systems

2.5 Maintenance of Cooling Water Systems

2.5.1 Cooling water systems
2.5.2 Water treatment system
2.5.3 Emergency decontamination
2.5.4 Seasonal use

2.6 Operating and Maintenance Manuals and Maintenance Records

2.6.1 Operating and maintenance manuals
2.6.2 Maintenance records
2.6.3 Availability of manuals and records

Appendix A – Guidelines for the Use of Personal Protective Equipment During

A1 General
A2 Issue and Care of Personal Protection Equipment

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