Legionella Record Keeping

Legionella Record Keeping – A Guide for Duty Holders

The Health and Safety Executive publishes plenty of useful information concerning legionella record keeping involving the monitoring and maintenance of water systems such as hot tubs, cooling towers, and hot and cold water distribution systems within premises of many kinds. Understanding how legionella bacteria spreads, how this can be prevented (or at least controlled), and recording what control
How to Check Hot Water Temperatures at Sentinel Taps

Why Legionella Flushing of Taps & Showers is Important

If you own or manage a building in the UK that has a water system of any kind, under current health and safety law you will need to identify the potential risks the system can cause from contamination by legionella bacteria and the potential for Legionnaires’ disease.
New York State enforce cooling tower regulations

New York State Enforce Cooling Tower Regulations to Control Legionella

Many safety regulations affecting all areas of society come into force because of events that demonstrate a lack of control and lead to a danger to public health. A case in point is the South Bronx, USA outbreak of legionellosis in 2015 – an outbreak that was found to have been caused by a cooling tower. These towers were not subjected to regulation prior to the outbreak, but in July 2016, the N
Legionella checklist for landlords

Should Landlords Use Legionella Checklists?

How can a legionella risk assessment checklist help landlords manage the safety of their water systems? In the UK, landlords, business owners, property and facilities managers… in fact anyone with responsibility for checking and maintaining the safety of water systems, whether it’s a domestic hot and cold system, cooling system or some other type, must ensure they deal with the risks that can
Legionella training courses for 2018

Legionella Training Courses 2018

Legionella Control International is pleased to announce the latest line-up of Legionella training courses for 2018 to be held across the UK and Ireland. The courses cover Legionella Awareness, Regulatory Compliance & Control, the Role of the Responsible Person, Practical Compliance Tasks, Pseudomonas in Healthcare and Legionella Refresher training.
S&C 17-30 Medicare / Medicaid legionella memo

S&C 17-30 Medicare & Medicaid Legionella Memo

The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently issued an S&C 17-30 Medicare/Medicaid Legionella Requirement memo regarding the control and prevention of Legionnaires’ disease in certified health facilities.
Residential landlords - The need for a legionella risk assessment

Residential Landlords & Legionella Risk Assessments

In the UK health and safety regulations cover a wide array of buildings, work situations, not-for-profit organisations and other businesses. However, some residential landlords may not realise they too are required to adhere to some of this legislation. This is because the regulator, the Health and Safety Executive in this instance considers them to be operating a business when they let their prop