Legionella Software for Water Safety Data Management

Legionella Control International’s LegionellaSafe is a state of the art, user-friendly electronic logbook and legionella software system that delivers significant water safety data management, regulatory compliance, safety performance and cost benefits associated with the control and prevention of Legionnaires’ disease and legionella in man-made water systems. LegionellaSafe acts as an online legionella logbook to manage and collate data from risk assessments, routine monitoring and control tasks, test results, training and other important activities that need to be recorded to ensure workplace safety is managed and maintained.

Smart data management & legionella software

LegionellaSafe has been developed as a direct, cost effective replacement for the traditional paper based legionella logbook and is ideal for any organisation responsible for the management and control of risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease, Legionella bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms that can contaminate engineered water systems, across either single or multi-site facilities.

“For “peace of mind” take full control of your legionella risk management, control and compliance systems with our intelligent, real-time reporting legionella logbook software…”

Health & safety critical legionella management processes

Legionella SoftwareLegionellaSafe manages safety critical legionella risk management, control and essential compliance processes to give secure, multi-level visability of all resource planning and engineering tasks, test results, non-compliance issues, risk assessments, management records and much more.Offering significant improvements over more traditional, often cumbersome paper based legionella logbook systems, LegionellaSafe’s intelligent, automated resource planning and risk management processes deliver real organisational “peace of mind” ensuring that everything that matters gets recorded, nothing gets ignored, and nothing gets forgotten.

Important legionella control & compliance benefits

LegionellaSafe’s simple but intelligent approach makes it ideal for all legionella risk management, control and regulatory compliance activities across single and multi-property portfolios as well as highly complex facilities such as hospitals, universities, hotels, shops and offices.

  • Manage important data in one place… online.
  • Achieve compliance and maintain it.
  • Robust, simple and easy to use network or cloud based electronic logbook and legionella risk management software utilising the latest, proven technologies.
  • Eliminate the need for cumbersome paper based legionella log book systems and place all vital management and safety critical data into one easy to access system.
  • Instantly identify areas of increased risk, unique benchmarking of problematic trends and non-compliance issues at single facilities or multi-site portfolios, track defects, remedial actions and more.
  • Fully encrypted, multi-level system security to allow different management team, staff and contractor access levels.
  • Crystal clear audit-trails to identify who did what, where, why and when.
  • Fool-proof compliance with fully automated scheduling of all required legionella monitoring tasks, inspections and tests… nothing gets ignored, nothing gets forgotten.
  • Intelligent automated system generates recommended remedial actions when out-of-specification results are obtained.
  • Easy access anywhere, access data from any Internet enabled device via a secure online portal.
  • Ideal for single-site, multi-site and highly complex facilities.
  • Benchmark and compare performance of individual sites, facilities, staff and contractors for continuous monitoring and improvement.
  • Quickly and clearly demonstrate compliance with legislation, best practice and organisational policies and procedures.
  • Eliminate the need to maintain and store paper records with a secure centralised electronic document management facility.
  • Store management records, audits, legionella risk assessments, laboratory test results, chlorination certificates, equipment calibration certificates, training records etc. in a single, easily accessible secure storage area, plus a useful reminder facility for expired documents.

Legionella software user training

Full legionella software user training courses are available. Our experts will train you and your staff to get the most from the benefits available using LegionellaSafe.

Dedicated, expert support

LegionellaSafe is fully supported by our teams of legionella control experts and software specialists.

Additional information & demonstrations

To book your free on-site demonstration of our automated legionella logbook or for more information about how our legionella software system, LegionellaSafe can help manage your risks more effectively call us on 0330 223 36 86 to speak to one of our specialists or send your questions to us here …  contact us

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