Monitoring Cooling Towers for Legionella Bacteria using Dip Slides

Monitoring cooling towers Legionella bacteria

Dip slides are identified in the UK’s Health and Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice ACOP L8 “Legionnaires’ disease: Control of legionella bacteria in water systems” which recommends their use for monitoring Legionella bacteria and microbial of activity in cooling towers and other wet cooling systems.

Frequency of Testing Cooling Towers for Legionella Bacteria

The Health and Safety Executives ACOP L8 recommends that microbial tests for Legionella bacteria on cooling towers using dip slides should be performed on a weekly basis.

Testing at monthly or longer intervals is not sufficient to identify rapid changes in microbial growth that can occur, particularly during the late spring to early autumn period, when temperature conditions are most favourable to the growth of legionella bacteria.

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