Legionella Logbook Software Offers Streamlined Water Safety Risk Management

Legionella & water safety software

Legionella Control International has recently launched its new legionella software system, LegionellaSafe. The innovative electronic logbook is a state of the art, user-friendly software solution that delivers considerable management, regulatory compliance, safety performance and cost benefits to its users.

Combining smart, pre-emptive technology with meticulous organisational standards, the legionella and water safety software is the perfect administrational system for any organisation responsible for overseeing legionella and Legionnaires’ disease related safety standards including the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8 and HSG274, and the Department of Health’s HTM 04-01.

Legionella logbook software

Acting as a direct replacement for traditional paper based legionella log books, LegionellaSafe offers an intelligent and easy way to exercise complete control over the management process. The centralised electronic document management facility eliminates the need to store and continuously update paper records, instead providing a single and remotely accessible secure storage area. The automated processes also deliver real-time organisational updates and reminders, ensuring that nothing is ignored and nothing is forgotten. This is hugely beneficial to legionella risk managers as negligence has the potential for damaging and disastrous results.

Our brand new LegionellaSafe system offers state-of-the-art risk management software for the control of legionella. It offers best in class peace of mind to duty holders, health and safety professionals, facilities managers and other stake holders who need to take full control of legionella risk management systems while demanding intelligent, real-time reporting software

Proactive water safety management

The perceptive legionella risk management software takes a pro-active approach to controlling the problems caused by Legionella bacteria, using data to instantly identify an array of issues including areas of increased risk, negative trends, non-compliance issues, track defects and remedial actions. The legionella software is also capable of processing data in order to issue benchmarks and compare performance of individual sites, facilities, staff and contractors. This offers an invaluable opportunity for managers to continuously monitor procedures and strive for improvement.

Multi-level security with full audit traceability

Our legionella software features fully encrypted, multi-level system security which allows for highly flexible use according to access level. This means management teams, staff and contractors alike can access logbook data instantly, saving a huge amount of time and money. Detailed user records are kept at all times, ensuring absolute security and attribution of what was modified and why.

The electronic nature of LegionellaSafe means it can remotely accessed via a secure online portal at any time, making managing and retrieving information exceptionally easy.

Simple, intelligent system

LegionellaSafe’s simple yet intelligent operational system makes it ideal for legionella risk management activities of all sizes, from single property portfolios to complex, multi-faceted facilities such as hospitals.

Full user training & support

We also offer full user training courses for the software, allowing users to make the most of the LegionellaSafe benefits. The legionella software is supported by a team of specialists, dedicated to solving any user problems, issues or queries that may arise.

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