Legionella PCR Testing – Polymerase Chain Reaction

Legionella PCR testing

Legionella PCR testing using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) techniques is one of a number of ways that can be used to determine whether Legionella bacteria is present in a water sample.

With the ability to get same day quantitative results, some industry experts believe it is the legionella test of choice when there is a possible outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, where time is critical and analysis results are needed fast.

Polymerase Chain Reaction

The Advantages of Legionella PCR Testing

Compared to culture analysis, where variability within and between laboratories can sometimes be high, Polymerase Chain Reaction results are very sensitive, accurate, precise and reproducible, with results being obtained (in theory) from a single fragment of DNA.

With PCR you are also able to measure the DNA for both viable (live) and non-viable (dead) Legionella bacteria, whereas with culture analysis, you are only able to measure viable legionella.

The Disadvantages of PCR Tests

Whilst most laboratories using legionella PCR techniques are able to identify L. pneumophila as part of their legionella testing, Polymerase Chain Reaction testing cannot individually identify the 50 plus species or serotypes that may also be colonising a water system. Because of this, whilst PCR is sufficient to confirm whether there is Legionella bacteria present in a sample, it is not sufficient to determine the actual source of contamination. To do this accurately, it is necessary to utilise strain identification to compare whether the bacteria in the environmental samples match the bacteria in the clinical samples.

Sample Matrix Effects

With PCR, there is also the potential for sample matrix effects. Unless samples are processed correctly, false negative results can be caused by common divalent catIons in A sample such as silver, magnesium and the divalent form of copper.

All labs using Polymerase Chain Reaction should have a strict quality assurance programme in place that includes sample matrix, positive and negative controls.

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