Legionella Logbook – Managing the Risks from Legionella Bacteria

Legionella Logbook - Managing the Risks from Legionella BacteriaFor landlords and business owners, there is a requirement to assess whether or not any risks are present in relation to Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ disease from their water systems. In some cases, the risks may be minimal and no steps may need to be taken to deal with them. However, even if this is the case, a legionella risk assessment should always be undertaken. Proper records should also be kept to prove what has been done and how the situation is being managed – and all this is usually recorded in a legionella logbook.

Paper records and legionella logbooks

Traditionally, legionella monitoring and control records such as these have been kept in a paper-based Legionella log book. This is fair enough, but there is always a danger something could happen to the logbook itself. If a fire or flood were to occur, the records would be gone in one fell swoop, leaving whoever is in charge of risk management without any records at all.

A logbook software-based solution to record keeping

Fortunately, there is a better solution that gets rid of the need to keep a paper records at all. LegionellaSafe, our state-of-the-art legionella risk-management log book software provides everything you could need in order to manage your legal requirements with regard to legionella control record keeping at your business premises or rental properties (or elsewhere). This is a specialist legionella logbook software product that has been specifically developed to help those responsible for managing the risks associated with legionella and Legionnaires’ disease in the workplace. Everything you might need is provided, and all your data can be accessed remotely, kept in one secure location, with secure backups both on and off site for complete peace of mind.

The logbook software itself is straightforward and simple, yet it covers everything necessary to make sure you can comply with all relevant legionella legislation and regulations. It works for single-property locations and for businesses with multiple properties to cover as well. Landlords may use it to ensure they keep records on their entire portfolio of properties. It is also suitable to manage the records of more complex properties where several areas may be at potential risk of legionella contamination.

Networking capabilities and cloud-based legionella logbooks

Whichever way you want to manage your records, our legionella log book software can do it for you. Dealing with paper-based records is cumbersome and complex at best – especially where more than one property or area is involved.

It also makes auditing the process much easier, as everything is available in one place. Compliance becomes more straightforward too, since there is no danger of forgetting when tests are due. Alerts are automatically generated to ensure everything is done on time, whenever it is required.

As you can see, there really is an easier way to legionella risk management than using a paper log book. More on our Legionella log book software (LegionellaSafe) … here >>

Expert legionella logbook software and risk management support

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