Are You Competent to be the Responsible Person for Legionella?

Legionella responsible personWhen a part of your business could be a potential source for the growth of Legionella bacteria, it is your legal responsibility to ensure everything is assessed, controlled and monitored in the proper manner. If you fail to take the right precautions or if the bacteria is allowed to spread and one or more people contract Legionnaires’ disease as a result, you could well be found negligent in your management of the situation.

The fact is there has to be a competent person for legionella control matters on-site to take care of legionella risk assessments, the management of risks and regular testing and monitoring duties. You could do this if you are competent enough, but this is often a murky area and one that many people become uncertain about. The vast majority of those with businesses that have to control or monitor for the presence of Legionella bacteria do want to ensure they take all the right steps. To this end you have to work out whether you could be a responsible person.

Legionella Control & the Importance of Responsibility

Most of us are responsible in the jobs that we do. However, responsibility in a Legionella control context means something very different. To perform the role of a responsible person correctly you have to have enough knowledge about what’s legally required, Legionella bacteria and how to control the risks it can present, for example. You also have to be aware of the need for proper training, the need for clear management structures, well defined roles and responsibilities, record keeping and more.

So the question is this: Do you have the expertise or time to focus on these tasks on top of everything else you currently do in your business? If not, or you don’t feel confident in learning what is required, you can hire an outside specialist like Legionella Control International to help you manage these essential tasks to protect the people around you, and to stay the right side of the law.

The Advantages of Hiring an Independent Legionella Expert

There are several advantages in calling in a legionella specialist like us. Firstly you have immediate access to an independent water safety expert, someone who understands the law, and who is knowledgeable and experienced in managing the potential risks presented by Legionella bacteria that may come from your water systems. They’ll guide you through the various legal compliance and risk management processes, help with assessing the risks, identify any legionella training requirements, and map out management structures and practical procedures for any control measures that may be required.

Always ensure you hire an experienced, suitably trained company to support you in your legionella control activities. This is important, because as a director, senior manager or owner of the business you are still ultimately responsible for ensuring you comply with the law and that the risks presented by Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires disease are managed properly.

Secondly, while you will still need to get involved in the management of the risks you’ll have an expert advisor on-hand to steer you in the right direction to ensure you fulfil your responsibilities, minimise your risks and protect those around you.

Where safety is concerned, choosing the best way to adhere to all health and safety rules is best for everyone.

Expert Legionella Risk Management Support

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