HTM 04-01 Water Safety Management Software for Hospitals

HTM 04-01 Water Safety Management Software for HospitalsIn this short article we review the requirement for, use and application of specialist ACOP L8 and HTM 04-01 compliant legionella and water safety management software in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

The need for accurate record keeping

Keeping records is a crucial part of managing the risks associated with legionella, pseudomonas and other waterborne pathogens in any workplace or location where water systems are present. While some locations may require no more than a basic risk assessment, which may identify no risk from legionella, others will identify a risk. Alternatively, the water systems may be complex enough, or other risk factors may exist to require an ongoing management and treatment process to be adopted. This can be especially so in hospitals and other healthcare environments where complex water systems combine with people and patients who are more susceptible to illness which can increase the risks significantly.

HTM 04-01 and electronic data management

Not only must records be kept for at least five years, they must also be easily accessible and easy to interpret. Hence why the Department of Health’s document HTM 04-01 recommends that “electronic data management tools be utilised to facilitate the intelligent use of data” pertaining to legionella and water safety management processes.

So, while it is not a legal requirement to use such water safety management software, there are significant benefits in doing so.

Why use water safety management software?

This type of risk management software offers a practical and user-friendly alternative to keeping paper records and traditional legionella log books. While these are easily accessible to a point, they can only be kept in one place. If the workplace is hit by fire, flood, or another major event, those records would be lost.

Maintaining data security

Software cannot be destroyed in the same manner. Cloud-based or network-based data solutions mean those involved in legionella compliance can access the data in different ways and from different locations, as required. This is particularly useful in cases where an organisation may operate over several sites that are geographically dispersed or where several managers need to access the information at different locations.

Legionella Control Internationals legionella management software called LegionellaSafe has been developed for use in hospitals and healthcare environments and can help those responsible for HTM 04-01 legionella compliance complete their tasks and records whenever and wherever required.

LegionellaSafe is safe, scalable, and user-friendly

LegionellaSafe software provides a framework that can be used by all organisations and has been developed to manage compliance against the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8 and the Department of Health’s HTM 04-01. It can be used for an organisation in one location, one that has multiple sites in one country or multiple sites in different counties. Complex facilities can also be more easily maintained and monitored using our software instead of relying on paper methods.

“electronic data management tools be utilised to facilitate the intelligent use of data…”

DoH HTM 04-01

Everything can be scheduled and there is no possibility of any crucial steps, tests, or Legionella risk assessments being neglected, because the dates will be clear within the system and easy for those with access to view. Additionally, it is easier to monitor ongoing tests and to identify trends whereby the legionella bacteria may be climbing gradually over time. This would ensure action can be taken to minimise any risk before it has a chance to develop, thus making an organisation even safer.

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